31 Pets Who Take Derp To A Whole New Level

1. First, an explanation of sorts.

2. And now, the derps. Here’s a derpy dog.

And now, the derps. Here's a derpy dog.

3. Here’s a derpy kitten.

Here's a derpy kitten.

4. Here’s Groundhog Derp.

Here's Groundhog Derp.

5. “What tongue?”

6. “Seriously, what tongue?”



8. KING OF DERP, here.


9. Paranormal derptivity.

Paranormal derptivity.

10. Derpaholics Anonymous :(

Derpaholics Anonymous :(

11. “I solemnly swear I am up to no derp.”

12. One derp to derp them all.

One derp to derp them all.

13. This outdoorsy derp.

This outdoorsy derp.

14. The derps, and the derp-nots.

The derps, and the derp-nots.

15. This derpy cat with a tail.

This derpy cat with a tail.

16. This cat with a derpy secret.

This cat with a derpy secret.

17. This cat who is deeply troubled by that other cat’s derpy secret.

This cat who is deeply troubled by that other cat's derpy secret.

18. Brother-Cousin Billy-Jo Derp.

Brother-Cousin Billy-Jo Derp.

19. Spontaneous G-force derp.

Spontaneous G-force derp.

20. “DARP.”


22. Derp Vader.

Derp Vader.

23. Jabba the Derp.

Jabba the Derp.

24. Full-swing derp.

Full-swing derp.

25. Derpvid Blaine.

Derpvid Blaine.

26. “Please sir, may I have some derp?”

27. Cristiano Ronalderp.

Cristiano Ronalderp.

28. Elvis.


29. This cat, who’s so derp he can’t even derp any derp.

This cat, who's so derp he can't even derp any derp.

30. The rare Derpus Arcticus.

The rare Derpus Arcticus.

31. Aaaaaaaand this chap.

Aaaaaaaand this chap.
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