This 31 Year Old Ditched Booze for One Month. See What Happens!

Article adapted from The Daily Mail & Men's Health. Daryle Knight, 31, from London set out to see if going one month alcohol-free can reverse the weight gain from partying it up over Christmas holiday. A common New Year's resolution is to ditch alcohol, amongst junk foods and cigarettes. However, many people fail to do so and the vicious cycle continues. Here is what Daryle states, in his own words, happened on day one: "I set myself rules - no drinking for the next 28 days. And I pledge to replace alcoholic drinks with juice or water, to keep my body hydrated and replenish the stores depleted by nights out." 2460403A00000578-2894298-image-a-57_1420208775379 By day 4: "The first four days of the challenge are pretty easy; I develop a coping strategy - I say no to social invites. It’s easier to stay in and drink water, than face temptation in the pub. But, my first hurdle appears in the shape of a colleague’s birthday. The phrase "go on just have one, don’t be a bore" is repeated through the night and at about midnight I think about caving, but instead I just leave early. On the upside my body is beginning to show signs of transformation. I spend more time in the gym - and I note it is the only location where people are drinking water out of choice. And I notice my strength is improving, as I increase my weights. Before I could shoulder press 45kg soon I can lift 60kg. A clearer head has me more focused on maximum results. I increase my arm curls. New definition is definitely emerging. I also have extra energy, which nutritionist Dr Sue Langham-New explains is due to a better diet and sleeping like a baby. It turns out the reason my hangovers felt like jetlag because alcohol affects normal sleep patterns. With the extra get-up-and-go, my three to four gym sessions a week extend to five to six times a week. And I'm even finding the time to cook at home; grilled chicken and vegetables have replaced my post pint steak baguette." Girl-Squatter-Final-cursive On the final day, here is what Darlye noticed: "My stomach is definitely more defined. I get the tape measure out and my waist is a whole size smaller. The NHS calculator has me firmly back in a weight for my height. My sleep, diet and physical activity have all improved. The results are impressive but what have I learnt?  Mainly, I’m in no hurry to stay on this challenge. The whole month felt too strict and beyond the 28 days you’d need serious willpower to keep going, which is why the pubs are full come February 1.  Instead moderation is the method for me."  Are you willing to take the challenge? Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code

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