32 Minute Timed Rep BOOT CAMP Workout!

Did I mention how much I love timed rep workouts???? I have designed MANY of these and this one is no different. This program however is special to me, since it happens to be the class workout for my final fall boot camp this past November. All the mamas came out and represented! I was so proud to see them all working their tails off and gettin it done! With this workout, you WILL use different equipment, BUT as always I will give you modifications if you do not have the equipment listed below. You will set your timers for 3.30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. There will be 8 rounds total, making this workout 32 minutes long. You will work HARD. Get weight that is challenging for you. If it's going to CHANGE YOU, it HAS TO CHALLENGE YOU. Get your water ready and have it nearby, so you can replenish in those 30 seconds if needed. During the 3 minutes and 30 seconds of work, you will complete a certain amount of reps for each prescribed combination. I will explain and demonstrate each combination listed below in the video tutorial so you can have it for reference.  

32 Minute Timed Rep Boot Camp Workout

TIMERS: 3.30 on, 30 sec Rest, 8 rounds 1) 8x star Jumps + 8x Reverse Pull Ups (equalizer) 2) 15x Log/Hurdle Jumps + 15x Clean and Press (sandbag) 3) 8x Push up, In/Out ab, Tuck Jump + 8x KB Swings (KB, Sandbag or Dumbbell) 4) 15x 1 Leg Lunge/1 arm Shoulder Press (Both Sides) + 30x Mt.Climbers 5) 15x Weighted Jump Squats + 15x 180 Front Raise (Plate, Dumbbell) 6) 8x Frog Jump to Push Up + 8x Tuck Jumps 7) 15x Bosu/Step Jump Overs + 15x Bosu/Elevated Tricep Push Up  8) 8x Jump Lunges + 8x TRX Row ( or Bent Over Row with DB/Bar/Tubing etc. )   http://youtu.be/3V_2Ojj0MJk Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? Check out my Facebook and my youtube page as well!

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