Lululemon is at it again...

A Lululemon location in Bethesda, Maryland, has apologized for apparently using company CEO Chip Wilson’s gaffe about women’s “rubbing thighs” as part of its store promotion. Twitter user Diana Russell on Monday posted a picture of a Lululemon storefront in the Bethesda Row shopping district, featuring a poem that read “Cups of chai, apple pies, rubbing thighs   View image on Twitter   Lululemon immediately responded:
"We're deeply sorry, the display is being taken down. We celebrate that thighs rub together- ours do too."  
Lululemon removed the sign Monday evening. After the absolute sh*t storm that followed Chip Wilson's comments, how is this any sort of accident? "Oh sorry, we didn't realize that making a joke of that horribly offensive comment our CEO made would be horribly offensive" To me this seems like an attention grab - and although it's working (clearly, since we're talking about it) - I think their entire consumer base can see it's in bad taste.

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