34 Year Old Mom of 2 Gisele Bundchen STUNS in Lingerie Campaign!

What can I say, Tom Brady is one lucky dude. Gisele, his wife and mother of their two young children looks absolutely fit and flawless modelling her new line of lingerie! gisele A video showcasing her sexy collections called Gisele Bundchen Intimates features provocative imagery of the 34 year old posing in lace trimmed teddies and a seducing black bra. The former Victoria Secret Angel retired after her 7 year career, and launched the Intimates brand back in 2011. "I try to create an assortment of garments I would use both daily and on special occasions," the Brazilian born beauty says about her designs. "A piece of lingerie can reveal a lot about one's intentions." Gisele remains on top of her fitness game by practicing yoga and chasing around her 5 year old son Ben and 2 year old daughter Vivian Lake. She eats a diet of raw dairy, organic fruits and veggies and lots of good fats, whole grains and sesame seed oil. The stunning model says she is happy to be creating, and keeping busy after her body signalled it had had enough of the runway lifestyle. "Automatically my body tells me if what I do is worth it, and it asked to stop. I respect my body, it's a privilege to be able to stop," Gisele told the Huffington Post of her retirement. Modelling on the catwalk or just for her own projects, Gisele is looking fierce as ever! Tell us who your fitness inspiration is! (Tag them if you like)

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