360 Pound Woman Aspires To Be The Next Britney Spears

Snowflake has the blonde hair, and the sparkling nude bodysuit. She is ready to take the stage as the next Britney Spears! The plus size pop singer from Budapest has looked up to Britney for many years and has been inspired by her to pursue a career in music. The 34-year-old recently had a Britney-themed video go viral for her original song, "My Mission Is You". In the video, Snowflake dons skin tight costumes including a sequinned, nude bodysuit and some red spandex. The spunky, bubbly blonde brings a lot of character and fun to the comedic clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf9dA1L4B1k   "I'm something new and I think being a bigger singer will help me as it's really hard to stand out nowadays," says Snowflake. "It helps if you have a special feature that makes you easy to remember." At 360 pounds, the singer is certainly bigger than what mainstream pop music is used to seeing. Snowflake also has a personality which is larger than life and definitely a sense of humour, both great attributes for making it in the music industry! While she is gaining popularity online, only time will tell if the singer will break through and score a record deal. What do you think of Snowflake? Would you like to see her gain mainstream success?  

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