39 DIY Christmas Gifts for Adults

The past 2 years have been pretty expensive for me. I graduated school, moved out of two different apartments in Toronto, spent a year and a half doing long distance in my relationship, moved across the country, bought (another) dog, bought a house & paid off 4 years worth of student loans. *exhale* So yeah, needless to say, last Christmas I gave my family love (aka: nothing). And though it's not all about material goods, a lot is said when you put thought and care into a gift. And for the sake of not wanting to be a dick for the second year in a row, I feel I should probably do gifts this year. That being said, my financial situation is still pretty crazy - a new house costs a buttload of money and unexpected costs are appearing at every day. Being the control freak that I am, living on credit isn't something that I can physically handle. So...these gifts will have to be "reasonable" (aka as cheap as possible) I'm not the craftiest person in the world - I can barely cut in a straight line - but some of these look like they may even be achievable on my level. Some I'm not certain I would really WANT to give/receive as a gift (ie: a nebula pillow), but others are fantastic little projects and can be so easily customized to fit someone's style and personality. Instagram coasters? Meaning coasters with fabulous phone art (=endless pictures of my dogs)? Absolutely! This list was reposted from http://www.zdouf.com/1753/39-diy-christmas-gifts-youd-actually-want-to-receive/

1. Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Kit
It’s like a tiny jungle you can own. Directions here.

2. Painted Camera Strap

Painted Camera Strap
For the one person in your life who doesn’t just Instagram everything. Directionshere.

3. Instagram Coasters

Instagram Coasters
And for everybody else. Find out how here.

4. Studded iPhone Case

Studded iPhone Case
Directions here.

5. Decorated Tea Towels

Decorated Tea Towels
That nobody will ever want to get dirty. Directions here.

6. Nebula Pillow

Nebula Pillow
Because the only thing better than a pillow fight is a SPACE PILLOW FIGHT. Directions here.

7. Geode Ring

Geode Ring
Directions here.

8. Shark Hoodie Towel

Shark Hoodie Towel
Directions here.

9. Fabric Clock

Fabric Clock
Directions here.

10. Personalized Cork Coasters

Personalized Cork Coasters
Find out how here.

11. Artsy Mug

Artsy Mug
Directions here. Again with the German. You could also make these easily with a Sharpie.

12. Gold-Leaf Papier-Mâché Bowls

Gold-Leaf Papier-Mâché Bowls
FInd out how here.

13. Chalkboard Tray

Chalkboard Tray
Directions here.

14. Catnip Feather Toy

Catnip Feather Toy
For the feline who has everything. Directions here.

15. Painted Pouch

Painted Pouch
You can put ANYTHING YOU WANT IN IT, like an engagement ring or a Snickers. Directions here.

16. Fabric Painted Mousepad

Fabric Painted Mousepad
Adorable baby not included. Directions here.

17. Stamped Tote

Stamped Tote
You can use potatoes as the stamp! Directions here.

18. Gold Bead Bracelets

Gold Bead Bracelets
Directions here (they’re in German, but ay yo, Google Translate).

19. Lace Cement Votive Holders

Lace Cement Votive Holders
Directions here.

20. Homemade Cat Treats

Homemade Cat Treats
Directions here. And here is a recipe for dog biscuits, just to prove that we’re not totally cat-biased.

21. Gold Leaf Notebooks

Gold Leaf Notebooks
For anyone with thoughts they need to jot down. Directions here.

22. Lana-del-Rey-ified Sunglasses

Lana-del-Rey-ified Sunglasses
For divas only. Directions here.

23. Laptop Case

Laptop Case
Directions here.

24. Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrub
It looks edible. It is not. Directions here.

25. Honey Lip Balm

Honey Lip Balm
It’s nicer than saying “Your entire mouth is gross and chapped.” Directions here.

26. Magnetic Tote Bag

Magnetic Tote Bag
Spell out a crytic message with alphabet letters. Get the tutorial here.

27. Dip-Dyed Candles

Dip-Dyed Candles
Directions here.

28. Skinny Tie

Skinny Tie
For a dapper dude. Or a dude who you wish were dapper-er. Directions here.

29. Planter Box

Planter Box
Directions here.

30. Travel Art Kit

Travel Art Kit
For long car rides (and short ones too). Find out how here.

31. Printed Leather Jewelry

Printed Leather Jewelry
Because sometimes someone just really loves her cat, and you should acknowledge that. Directions here.

32. Floor Cushion

Floor Cushion
Beanbag chairs for grown-ups! Genius. Directions here.

33. Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap
Everyone will be unbelievably impressed and also they will smell however you would like them to, which is really a great deal of power. Directions here.

34. Tassel Bracelet

Tassel Bracelet
Directions here.

35. Stenciled Jar Vase

Stenciled Jar Vase
Directions here.

36. Glitter Bottle Necklaces

Glitter Bottle Necklaces
Because no matter how many necklaces a person owns, she probably doesn’t have one that’s filled with glitter. Directions here.

37. Jewelry Storage Frame

Jewelry Storage Frame
The perfect place to house all those glitter-filled necklaces. Directions here.

38. Candle Luminaries

Candle Luminaries
These are made from decorative aluminum sheets you can easily find at Home Depot. They’d also make really nice desk organizers or pen holders.

39. Animal Bookends

Animal Bookends
Because nothing says “I love you” like a bright-blue hippo. Directions here.

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