Is 3D Pizza For Real?

3D printers have been around for years now...they can make things ranging from a replica model of James Bond's 1960 Aston Martin DB5 skyfall A Working Gun working-gun A 3D Fetus...a whole new take on the 3D ultrasound...although a tad bit weird. 3d-fetus And in case you were feeling a wee bit hungry, you can add a 3D pizza onto that list.  That is, if Barcelona based Natural Machines succeeds. 3D-Printed-Pizza-600x450 They're in the process of developing a 3D food printer called Foodini, and they recently shared one of the delectable creations that we're assuming was created by one of their prototype printers with the public: pizza. Only the dough and sauce were 3D printed, while the spices and cheese were added by hand. I'm just not sure what to think...are we moving so far beyond the realm of "real food" that we can't even make it ourselves?  We need a printer?

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