4 Alternative Uses for Your Shampoo

It's always a fun surprise to find out that a household item can be a multi-purpose product. It sheds a new light on your things and, of course, saves you money! But did you know shampoo is in that category? Here are four alternative uses to using shampoo other than keeping that beautiful mane squeaky clean. Keep your bathroom mirror from fogging: Hate when you step out of the shower, wrap your head in a towel and prepare to do your makeup, only to find that your mirror is all fogged up? It's a typical nuisance that can be cured with shampoo. Poor a little bit onto a paper towel, wipe on your mirror, wipe away with a clean towel, and voila! Wash your dishes: Ever feel like your hands suffer from the harshness of dish soap? No one likes dry hands. Take your shampoo to the kitchen sink and scrub your dirty dishes clean. The gentle solution will keep you moisturized, and will make those plates sparkle, too! Clean your delicates: Speaking of gentle, try using shampoo on your hand wash-only clothing items. Typical laundry products that cater to these needs can run rather pricey, but using shampoo is just as effective. Polish up your brushes: Most of us are well-versed on best hygienic practices, from washing ourselves to washing our bedding, clothing, dishes, etc. But what about your makeup brushes? Hairbrush? These tools touch two of the most oily parts of our skin: our scalp and our face. Fill up your sink with shampoo and water and soak your stuff! Do you use shampoo for other things besides your hair? Let us know! Source: Cosmopolitan  

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