4 Awesome Health Reasons To Masturbate Before Bed

We know that sex makes us feel awesome - so why not have a solo session if you're going to bed, well, solo. Not to mention, masturbation not only feels fantastic, it also has a ton of health benefits. Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons you should show yourself some love tonight.

Say Goodbye To Cramps

In the early stages of arousal, norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that's secreted in response to stress) is released in your brain, lubricating the pathways of your sympathetic nervous system. When sexual activity starts, (solo or with a partner) the body releases a bunch of endorphins, which bind to opiate receptors, increasing your pain threshold. When these neurotransmitters work together, they act as the perfect aid to ease period pain.

Know What You Love

Masturbation makes you more familiar with what's going on below the belt. This knowledge will come in handy when you do the deed with someone else! Masturbation also counts as a workout for your pelvic floor (PC) muscles, which definitely pays off between the sheets

Get Some Serious Shut-eye

Its not just men that tend to pass out after the big-O. When you climax, the hormone prolactin is released in your brain, which leads to the refractory period after orgasm—that "I'm spent" feeling—as well as an increase in drowsiness. Within 60 seconds of orgasm, the feel-good hormone oxytocin surges through your system— lowering the stress hormone cortisol to promote better sleep.

Ward off Infections

So masturbation doesn't ward off infection, but the post-orgasm-pee helps flush bacteria from the urethra (which ultimately keeps UTIs away). The same thing goes for yeast infections. During your orgasm, the pH of the vagina changes, prompting good bacteria to grow and preventing the bacteria responsible for vaginitis.

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