4 Common Foods That Are Causing Harm to Our Environment

The constant changes our society sees in regards to our food is pretty shocking. But did you know we not only have to be careful of the types of foods we put in our bodies for our health, but also for the environment around us? Here are 4 environmentally unfriendly foods that commonly make their way into your diet. 1. Beef These foods are bad for the environment. While many think of beef as being a big source of protein, what you ought to know is the dangers of it as well. The cows we consume need 28 times more land and 11 times more water than pork, eggs, or dairy. Also of concern is that the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences released a report saying that cows cause one-fifth of overall global greenhouse emissions, and are the cause of widespread pollution due to "nutritional overabundance" (their manure gets everywhere). 2.  Bluefin Tuna These foods are bad for the environment. According to National Geographic, these fish "have been so over-fished that they can't reproduce fast enough to replace what's caught." Longlining is the fishing method commonly used to catch them. But they often come up with endangered animals such as sea turtles, sharks, and seabirds. 3. Rice These foods are bad for the environment. It seems like one of the simplest food sources out there, but the truth is that an estimated 11% of man-made methane emissions come from its cultivation. Rice also uses a third of our planet's fresh water. 4. High-Fructose Corn Syrup These foods are bad for the environment. Because high-fructose corn syrup is so popular and so cheap, a lot of farms in the US grow it as a monoculture, "depleting soil nutrients, requiring more pesticides and fertilizer while weakening topsoil." Were you aware that any of these caused such issues? Source: Diply

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