4 Diet Changes That Can Affect Flexibilty

Ever wondered what you could do to improve your flexibility? Maybe you thought that spending more time doing stretches would help (and don't get me wrong, it does!), but did you consider what role the foods you eat play in it all? In my experience, as I started to remove certain foods and add others, I began to see changes in my flexibility... and fast. Try some of these food tips out yourself and see how it affects your body. You may find yourself not only more flexible, but also with greater vitality, better skin and hair, and overall improved health.   1. Dark leafy greens theplantedpalate darkleafygreens Dark leafy greens are great for cleansing the body and promoting flexibility. Chlorophyll (the plant's 'powerhouse') increases red blood cell production, meaning more oxygen to our cells. Juicing is a great way to receive these benefits and other vital nutrients in an efficient manner while giving your digestive system a rest. Or try a huge salad for dinner so your body can efficiently use the nutrients to repair your cells as you sleep.   2. Coffee shutterstock_125466521 I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love that it wakes me up, but I hate the toll it takes on my ability to be the next Gumby. Coffee is very dehydrating to the body, leaving muscles and other tissues dry and unable to stretch to their fullest potential. I saw huge increases in flexibility when I quit coffee for three months (even able to get into the splits for the first time in my life!), but progress began to slow once I started drinking it once again. My advice? If you can't give up coffee, drink lots of extra water to compensate for coffee's effects and don't overdo any stretches when you are not properly hydrated. Keep up with me on Instagram!   3. Water Hydration: How much water do you really need? That being said, drink lots of water! Make sure you are properly hydrated. This alone can improve flexibility drastically as you flush out toxins and lubricate your cells, allowing tissues to smoothly glide over one another.   4. Cow dairy dairy_products Cow dairy can have a negative effect in the body and overall health as many people have varying degrees of intolerances to it. Cut it out and see how it makes you feel and how your it effects your flexibility. Most people will see not only an increase in flexibility, but also a decrease in weight and allergy symptoms, improved joint function, and clearer skin among other things.    

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