4 Disturbing "Down There" Disorders That Make Sex Impossible

A small percentage of women have one of these rare vaginal disorders that can make life more difficult. Unfortunately, doctors know little about the causes of these and even less about the treatment. Here are the top 4 disturbing "down there" dilemmas some women face. #3 will shock you! 1) Vulvodynia: A Burning Vagina  Women with this condition experience in intense burning sensation in their vaginal region which is constant. Walking and stretching can lead to excruciating pain and often they can not have sex. The condition is not related to STDs or other infections and can be somewhat treated with medication or surgery. 2) Lichen Sclerosus: Itchy Plaques  Some perimenopausal women experience the development of white, itchy plaques on their vaginal skin. This is the result of lowered estrogen levels in the body. The plaques can be painfully irritating, but luckily they can be treated with topical creams. 3) Imperforate Hymen: Prevents Periods from Exiting the Vagina  Girls can be born with this condition where their hymen does not have a small opening to release menstrual blood. As it goes undiagnosed, the blood builds up inside and causes extreme pain. This scary condition can be cured with surgery. 4) Vaginismus: Extremely Tight Muscles That Make Tampon Use Impossible  This mysterious disorder causes the vaginal muscles to clench so tight, nothing can be inserted. It may be psychological, as some doctors believe it is caused by past sexual trauma. Luckily it is treatable with Kegel exercises that relax the pelvic floor muscles. Have you ever had one of these conditions? Let us know your thoughts!

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