4 Exercises To A Beach Body

Countdown to Summer!! Summer is only a month away....Are you ready? I put a full body workout together that targets your abs, particularly those lovely obliques :) Working your obliques regularly will definitely tighten and tone up your waist line!  If you don't incorporate oblique exercises  into your ab training routine you will have an unbalanced core. Male or female, both functional oblique training and isolated training will improve your core's stamina as well as the overall look of your waistline. I guarantee that if you start HIITing those obliques, along with a nutritious healthy diet - you will see a tight, trim and toned waistline in no time, or just in time....for summer! :) The Workout Breakdown: 12 Minutes 4 Exercises/repeat 3 times. An intermediate workout, but you can add some intensity if you are advanced by skipping a 2 minute round before, between, and after final set or running on a treadmill if your at the gym. 50 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest
  1. Diagnol/center plank jumps with burpee J-Jack
  2. DB Chest press with lower and upper ab crunch
  3. Oblique elbow to knee crunch
  4. Oblique elbow to knee crunch/other side

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