4 Foods To Help You Achieve That Flat Stomach and Why

There are three main ingredients your diet must have to successfully win the battle against belly fat: proteins, antioxidants and fiber. Proteins help normalize your metabolism, fiber contributes in reducing bloat and keeping you regular, while antioxidants add in an extra kick that makes your ab exercises effective enough to really solve the problem. There aren’t many foods that combine these three main ingredients, but here is a list of the best of them.   1. Apples:  Apples are known to contain large amounts of the compound quercetin, which has been proven to help fight the progress of various forms of cancer. Apples contain about 5% fiber and 85% water, and therefore can help you feel fuller than other snacks would. Keeping yourself fuller on less food is a great strategy to aid in weight loss. 2. Berries: Berries are the little powerhouses of all fruits. They are full of fiber, which acts as a wall between your body and broken down foods that could make you pack on the weight. It traps food particles and pulls them away from the digestive tract before digestion can begin. Besides aiding in weight loss, berries are rich in antioxidants, which promote blood flow especially during workouts and can increase performance. So berries are also great for those of us who workout. 3. Spinach: Spinach is great for us workout junkies - it contains a lot of calcium, which helps us with more muscle contractions and thus more results in the gym. 4. Eggs: Eggs are filled with protein and healthy fats that keep you feeling full throughout the day, so you're less likely to binge on the junk. There have been studies that prove people who ate eggs for breakfast had fewer hunger pangs than those who ate complex carbohydrates or flour-based foods. So there you have it. Keep on bodyrocking and add these 4 foods to your daily diet.

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