4 Full Body Vest & Dumbbell Exercises

You may think you need a whole bunch of elaborate, fancy exercise equipment, or an expensive gym membership, to get a solid workout but we're here to tell you that is just not the case! You can work your entire body, head to toe, with nothing more than a weighted vest and a set of dumbbells! Both of these items add resistance to your movements, increasing your calorie burn! Don't believe us? Here's a look at a vest and dumbbell routine we absolutely love: https://vimeo.com/188989104 Don't be afraid to add weight to your routine! It won't make you bulky!  Actually, it is the only way to really challenge your muscles and make them grow. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, the faster your metabolism works, and the more fat you lose. Sounds like a winning situation right? dumbbellvestcombo   The vest is sure to become your most valuable workout tool, comfortably adding resistance to your movements without you having to change a single thing! And the dumbbells are the ideal way to mix up your routine and target specific muscle groups! If you don't have a vest or a set of dumbbells, you can get both right here with our vest and dumbbell combo! To perform this workout, do each exercise for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between. Do the entire circuit twice: original-vestanddumbbellmovesgraphic For more fun and creative full body workouts with Marina, check out the intermediate level BodyRock Accelerate! This 21 day challenge will definitely accelerate your progress and lead you closer to your fitness goals! Check it out!

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