4 Fun And Flirty Ways To Show Some Skin Without Baring It All

Temperatures are on the rise, and we are just itching to show some skin. Outside of wearing your bikini all over town, it can be hard to find a way to do so that is appropriate (because let's face it, your bikini in a bistro isn't so much), flattering and stylish. Here are 4 ways you can flash some flesh this summer without giving it all away: Lady Like Crop Tops. A cropped top doesn't have to mean half naked. Pair with a high waisted skirt and the look is spot on. Open backs. A new take on business in the front, party in the back. Take advantage of the warm temperatures to show off the curves of your back! Interesting cutouts. A different way to get the crop top look is to wear a shirt or dress that has a cut out near your waist. This look doesn't over expose and it allows you to wear a bra if you are someone like me who needs that extra support. Playful and flirty. Off the shoulder. This is a beautiful and classic summer trend. It flatters all body types and allows you to channel your bohemian side. Find the look that's right for you and give those sun kissed shoulders some air! What is you favourite skin baring summer look?

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