4 Guilt-Free Ways To Enjoy Pancake Day!

Pancakes are truly a thing of beauty. Warm, golden and delicious, they make a tasty and fun addition to your table. Whether you're looking for a comfort food filled brunch or are feeling a little like breakfast for dinner, pancakes are a common go-to.

Unfortunately, pancakes can present a few problems for people looking to eat clean and healthy. When maintaining a healthy diet, it is important to avoid processed foods and added sugars.

Traditional pancakes offer refined white flour and of course, there's the syrup. On the surface, celebrating Pancake Day and staying on track with your diet seem to be incompatible.

But we've got news for you, you CAN eat pancakes today and stay right on target with your health and fitness goals! Whether you want a protein-packed take on a traditional pancake, or something a little sweeter, we've got you covered! If your pantry is bare or you've got a full spice rack you want to take for a spin, we've got you covered too!

At BodyRock we know that one of the keys to staying on track is making smarter choices and that's why we've put together these healthier pancake recipes. Go on, indulge this Pancake Day without any of the guilt!

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