4 Habits Messing Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism isn't just controlled by food and exercise. The things you do on a daily basis, even those that seemingly have nothing to do with weight loss, can mess it all up. If your metabolism isn't humming, you run the risk of gaining weight. Avoid these habits to keep yourself on track.

Your Foods Aren't Fiery Enough

Studies have found that when people added red chili pepper to their dinner, they reported feeling fuller and ate up to 30% less than those who ate a mild meal. Peppers contain capsaicin which might actually speed up your metabolism by controlling the release of hormones that regulate appetite and raise your stress hormones which decrease your desire to eat.

You Sit A Lot

Sitting for 3 or more hours a day, even in men who meet weekly exercise requirements, produces a 74 % increased risk for metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity, any of which can lead to diabetes and/or heart disease. Why does this happen? When you are sitting, your muscles are not having to work very hard which means they burn fewer calories. Also, sitting for long periods may lead to insulin intolerance.

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You Don't Wash Produce

A study in Environmental Health Perspectives connected pollutants, like the pesticides used on your fruits and vegetables, to obesity and metabolic syndrome. The research found that the pollutants were stored in fat cells where they caused inflammation and affected pathways that regulate metabolism. Buy organic as often as possible. If you aren't able to buy organic, cut off any bruised or damaged areas and wash thoroughly under running water.

You Don't Wash Your Hands

Researchers at Louisiana State University found a link between the respiratory virus called adenovirus-36 and obesity. It would seem that this nasty little virus turns stem cells into fat cells. If you'd like to reduce your risk of contracting this virus (or any virus for that matter), wash your hands! It really is that simple. How many of these can you change up in your day?  

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