4 "Health" Foods That Aren't All That Healthy

Healthy, natural and organic have all become buzzwords in our dietary vocabulary. None of these words emblazoned on our food packages really mean anything unless we research into the ingredient list. Here are 4 foods you thought were healthier than they really are: Almond Milk   Nearly all the almond milk sold on the market contains carrageenan and Guar gum - allergens and intestinal inflammatories. This can be tricky for those who thought almond milk was a good solution to lactose. The good news is - a few brands, such as Silk, don't contain these ingredients. And almond milk is easy to make at home. Flavoured Yogurt   The scary truth about flavoured and fruit bottomed yogurts is these "healthy" snacks have more sugar in them then a candy bar! There is a simple solution to this madness. Purchase plain yogurt and add your own mix of fruits. It's tastier and more customizable, without the added sugar rush. Pressed Juices   Pressed juices tout their vitamin content, but they are packed with sugar and calories. Even "healthier" looking options can be filled with sugar, so look carefully at the ingredient list. The best way to avoid loads of sugar is to make your own pressed juice. You can customize it however you like and add healthy, leafy greens for vitamins and nutrients. Natural Low-Calorie Frozen Dinners   Anything labeled "natural" is loaded up with sodium to make it taste acceptable. Frozen dinners that are for "weight loss" or "low cal, low fat" include a firestorm of chemical compounds. You're looking at bloating and dehydration for dinner when you eat these! Try pre-making a meal or two and tossing them in the fridge/freezer when you find yourself in a rush. Want us to debunk any of your "health" food misconceptions? Let us know!  

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