4 Healthful Foods You Shouldn't Feel Guilty Spending Your Hard-Earned Money On

There's been a lot of talk about the money we waste on food. We're easily tricked by marketing techniques, from labels to packaging. And while it's been mentioned that the generic versions of grocery store items are typically just as good, there are definitely plenty of healthful foods we ought to splurge on for our well-being. Here are 5 to note: 1. Wild rice wild rice Why it’s worth it: Opt for this over brown rice, as it has higher protein, is rich in antioxidants, has an amazing texture, and lasts for quite some time, as a little goes a long way as a supplement to dishes. How to make the most of it: Mix it with brown rice, which is cheaper, in order to make it last longer. 2. Good dark chocolate dark chocolate Why it’s worth it: High-quality dark chocolate consists of at least 60 percent antioxidant-rich cocoa solids and is complete with other simple ingredients like cocoa butter, sugar and possibly vanilla, and lecithin. Cheaper chocolate may contain corn syrup, vegetable oils, artificial flavours and colours and little in the way of actual chocolate — therefore scant antioxidant power. How to make the most of it: Don't overindulge! Try to savour small amounts to make it last longer. 3. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese Why it’s worth it: According to European law, it's the only real Parmesan cheese. It gets its intense flavour from the two-year aging process it undergoes. The cheaper types that try to replicate this cheese offer up much less taste to the tongue, and you end up dumping more on your food just to find the flavour. How to make the most of it: Don't buy pre-grated. The flavour stays fresh better in the block, so grate it freshly onto your dishes. 4. Extra-virgin olive oil olive oil Why it’s worth it: Quality extra virgin olive oil is rich in flavour and antioxidants, and offers healthful monounsaturated fats. Opt for a cold-pressed version, which has the most flavour and protective compounds. How to make the most of it: Stay away from cooking with it, as the heat only diminishes its flavour and health benefits. Instead, use extra-virgin olive oil for your salads and other raw dishes. Also make sure to store it in a cool, dark place to ensure it doesn't go bad sooner than later. Learn more about other kinds of healthful foods here. Do you splurge on any of these items?

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