These 4 Hot Hollywood Actors Reveal Their Best Kept Sex Secrets

Women's magazines are always up to tell you what YOU should be doing to please your man. Whether it's crazy karma-sutra positions or using kitchen spatulas for Fifty Shades of Grey-like foreplay, you bet Cosmo has the inside scoop. But what about the man's role between the sheets? Shouldn't he be getting as much heat to please you as you are getting to please him? Well take it from these 4 sexy stars who say they "aim to please". 1. Ryan Gosling golsing One of the biggest turn ons about Ryan Gosling is his understanding of women. He believes women should be as free to express themselves in a sexual way as men do, and that society should be accepting of that. Ryan has the right mixture of sensitivity and masculinity. He is the kind of man who will respect you in all areas of a relationship, and have no problems showing that respect in the bedroom. 2. Chris Evans chris Yes, this smoking hot superhero sweetheart gets lady advice from his mother. He admits through his positive relationship with his mom, he's learned a lot about how to treat woman with respect.  While a good guy through and through, the Gucci Guilty poster-boy has describes himself as "sensual, provocative, daring and not afraid to take risks" when it comes to his sex life. Sorry, Mom. 3. Russell Brand russel Off the wall comedian and notorious British playboy Russell Brand is no stranger to discussing his sexual exploits. Ex husband of pop princess Katy Perry, Russell agrees that ladies should always come first in the relationship...if you know what he means. Though he may have slept with his fair share of women over his career (a reported 9 women in one night according to one interview), the charming Russell believes men should always be most concerned with satisfying their partner. 4. Ashton Kutcher ashton Sexy actor and new dad Ashton Kutcher spoke about the importance of having an open dialogue about female sexuality at a press conference for his 2011 film, No Strings Attached. Ashton is definitely a man who places value on his partner's pleasure in the bedroom and empowers her through every aspect of the relationship.  

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