4 Immature Fights You Will Always Have In a Grown Up Relationship

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you will act like one around your partner all the time. Immaturity, to a degree, can be healthy in a relationship because you're capable of letting down your serious, guarded walls and able to just have fun with each other. But immaturity can mean something other than just playfulness. Here are the 4 most common immature fights you've probably had: The Home Maintenance Fight Living with someone means dolling out the tasks of mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and taking out the trash. Sometimes both of you think it's the other's turn to clean, and one of you is always pickier about the home's state of affairs. The Neediness Fight  Your partner may be more attention starved than you, or perhaps it's you who needs constant attention to feel emotionally satisfied. Whatever the case, a fight will typically arise over this issue. But finding a balance with each other's needs is a better solution than yelling and screaming. The "Why Didn't You Text Me Back" Fight  A huge reason for relationship flare-ups, when someone ignores you it can feel frustrating. But when it's your partner, that frustration takes on a whole new level. Taking a step back and understanding that problems can come up where someone can't call or text immediately is a rational start to dealing with this issue. The "Why Did You Like Her Photo" Fight Understandably, this would irk any person. If it's he who liked the photo, than do a little research before making assumptions. It could be his second cousin. If it was you liking a dude's pic, make sure you're justified too. Otherwise, be honest with yourself and ask why you're feeling the need to interact with other guys on social media. What are your most common fights? Share your thoughts with us!

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