4 Lateral Movement Exercises You Have to Try

Whether you're trying to get in shape or you're trying to stay in shape, it's crucial to mix up your workout routine. If you get in a rut, due to boredom, you'll be more likely to give up altogether just to give your brain a rest from trying to pretend you like what you're doing. One of the best ways to mix it up is read up on new techniques to incorporate into your routine. Learning a new move can take you to another level, and make you feel utterly accomplished when you get it down. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJRERAMBZPg/?taken-by=bodyrockofficial Celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak gives us four lateral movement exercises to try. “A lot of the weaknesses we have are based on a lack of lateral movement, which can set you up for injury,” Pasternak explained. “When you exercise in multiple planes, you see improvements in balance, mobility and function.” 1. Side-Shuffles On your morning run? When you turn a corner, incorporate this exercise for a block, and then return to your run or even a walk to switch it up. Make sure to do round two with your other foot forward. 2. Grapevines Have a long hallway? This is a perfect place to grapevine up and down! Make sure to alternate feet on your way back! 3. Lateral Lunges Forward lunges are great, but it's always good to switch it up. Pick up one free weight and lunge deeply from side to side. 4. Step Across This one will give you a fun boost of energy as you press up. Try heading to the park and doing this on a bench, starting on the left side with your right foot on the bench and pressing up, bringing your left foot behind you and then across to the right side of the bench. Do you incorporate any of these four fun exercises into your routine? If you want an always exciting, real time workout series, sign up for SweatFlix℠! With over 115 hours of workouts, and new content being added all the time, you'll always find something to get you up and moving! Source: Shape  

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