4 Made Up Health Food Words That Don't Actually Mean Anything

The grocery business is all about using fancy descriptions to make you think a product is incredible. Beefing up the sound of say, regular ground beef, makes a customer more inclined to purchase it over the average ground beef. But really these health claims are meaningless. Here are 4 we're tired of hearing!

#1 "Made with sea salt"

Sea salt is slapped on chips to make them sound healthy and natural. But sea salt and table salt are both the same, so those chips are still pretty bad for you. Sea salt has the same sodium content and doesn't have the thyroid-friendly iodine content that table salt does. So choose regular salt!

#2 "Superfruit"

Superfruits, part of the imaginary superfood family, are just fruits. Acai berries, kale and avocados are very healthy for you. But so are other fruits and veggies. They all contain different nutrients to help with different dietary needs, but no one's really more miraculous than the other.

#3 "12 Grain"

12 grains don't mean whole grains. They're just grains stuffed into bread. As a smart shopper, you should always make sure your bread is whole grain, and make sure it's sugar content is below 2 grams.

#4 "Gluten-Free non grain products"

If it's "gluten free" and it's a bag of cranberries, it never had gluten in it to begin with. Don't buy into something because it makes a claim that doesn't make any sense!

What are some food buzz words you're sick of? Let us know!

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