4 Of The Most Mind Blowing Vagina Facts You Need to Know!

The vagina is, without a doubt, an amazing organ. But even though you may possess one, there are tons of things about your lady parts that you may not know, and that science is still discovering. Here are 4 facts that shocked us about down there and what knowing them can do for your sex life! 1) Vaginas Have The A-Spot We've all heard of the G-spot, the elusive erogenous zone within our vagina which causing those earth-shattering orgasms. But the A-spot has been discovered by Malaysian scientist Chua Chee Ann, MD. The A-spot is located a few inches up from the G-spot, and can cause an equally powerful arousal. 2) Vaginas Are Strong There is a vagina weightlifting record, and the most recent title winner lifted 30 pounds with her...lady parts. This strength can come from practicing exercises like Kegels, which help improve your sexual pleasure and intensify your orgasms (that is, if you're not looking to beat the weightlifting record). 3) Nothing Can Be Lost In Your Vagina Remember back in eighth grade when you thought a tampon could actually get lost inside you? Well in case you were still wondering, it's simply not true. It's kind of like a sock, your vagina. It has an end, and eventually whatever you have lost will find it's way out. 4) Female Ejaculate Is Sometimes Pee The phenomenon of squirting or ejaculating is not something every woman does, but if it does happen, it is always one of two fluids. These two fluids are either a milky white liquid from the paraurethral glands, or pee. Or a mixture of the two. It's a totally natural occurrence, and you shouldn't be grossed out or stressed about it. What are some shocking facts about sex or your lady parts you have learned? Share your reactions with us!  

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