4 Minute BODY BLAST Fit Test #1

This 5 day workout series this week will consist of five 4-minute workouts. With each workout, you will complete 2 moves with increasing repetition with each set. I have labeled these fit tests, so you can keep track of your progress over time. Your 'score' is the highest amount of completed sets PLUS any extra reps you get in of the next round. So the format will look like this: Exercise 1 - 1 rep Exercise 2 - 1 rep Exercise 1 - 2 reps Exercise 2 - 2 reps Exercise 1 - 3 reps Exercise 2 - 3 reps Exercise 1 - 4 reps Exercise 2 - 4 reps And continue on and on until the 4 minutes are up! For todays workout, the two moves you will do are A) PIKE PUSH UP B) JUMP SQUAT WITH TUCK JUMP I go through the 4 minutes with you below! Post your scores and let me know how you do! Challenge yourself and try and get in as many reps/sets as possible BUT WITH top form. Do not sacrifice form for a few extra reps/sets. You are only cheating yourself. Good luck! http://youtu.be/7jmexznq0j4

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