4 Move Full Body Bosu Blast

There is nothing I love more than a good total body workout- especially when they're focused on using one piece of equipment. Bosu balls are an amazing way to add an extra challenge to any workout. They force you to use your stabilizers and activate your core, even with the simplest of movements. With the bosu and these 4 basic moves, you'll be sweatin' it out in no time! Equipment needed:
  • bosu ball
Focus: Total body and core stability The Program: Perform each exercise with no more than 10 seconds rest between each. 3-5 rounds, 30 seconds between rounds. Bosu Burpees - 20 reps Kristin (47 of 98)Kristin (48 of 98)Kristin (49 of 98) Kristin (50 of 98) Kristin (51 of 98)Just like a regular burpee but with a little weight and added core stability to really get you working! Start by gripping the sides of the bosu and raising it above your head. Next, squat down, placing the bosu on the ground. Keeping your arms rooted firmly in line with your shoulders, jump back to high plank position. Make sure to keep your back flat and your butt down in plank! Jump back to the bosu squat and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Stand up and press the bosu above your head to begin again. Bosu Squat - 20 reps Kristin (53 of 98) Kristin (54 of 98)Kristin (55 of 98) Start standing with your feet at opposite ends of the bosu, toes angled out slightly and hands behind your head. Before you begin to squat, make sure your weight is distributed through the centre to back part of your feet and your pelvis is tucked underneath you. With control, sit your butt back and down as if you're going to sit on a chair. Make sure you keep your chest and head up! Squat only as far as when you feel as if your heels may lift and squeeze your butt the whole time! Rooting through the centre to back part of your foot, return to standing, pelvis tucked again Tip: I will fully admit that standing on a bosu, initially, can be scary. Don't be afraid to place your hand on the wall for stability at first! Mountain Climbers - 20  Kristin (56 of 98) Kristin (57 of 98) Kristin (58 of 98)Start in a high plank position, gripping the sides of the bosu. Contracting your core and keeping your butt down and back flat, lift one knee as close to your chest as possible. Return to starting position and switch legs. Make it quick!  Both legs = 1 rep.   Push Ups - 10 Kristin (59 of 98) Kristin (60 of 98) Kristin (61 of 98)   Begin in high plank, gripping both sides of the bosu. Without letting your back sway or butt lift, slowly bend your elbows until your chest is hovering just above the bosu. Engage your core and press your arms straight to return to high plank. Tip: If at first you find these too challenging from a full plank, try from your knees. So long as you keep a full range of motion, you'll be getting the same great results! Ready....set....sweat! ....but actually. Post workout sweaty photos welcomed!            

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