4 Moves To Lose That Office Gut & Butt

There is a danger lurking in every office! No, it's not walking with scissors or insane paper cuts! It isn't even the gossipy coworker in the break room! The danger in every office is your chair! Sitting for at least 40 hours every week leads to a phenomenon known as "office gut and butt." That's right, it isn't just in your head! Signs that you are suffering from long-term chair damage include:
  • cellulite or sagging skin
  • flattening of your glute muscles
  • excess weight gain on your belly and butt
  • even skin problems do to lessened blood flow to the butt region
Sitting all day causes your glutes to shut down. Failure to activate these muscles leads to something muscle atrophy. This means your muscles are more or less asleep and unless you work to activate them regularly, you can forget about that high, perky bottom! Blood is not flowing through the area, which means toxins are not being flushed, and blemishes will not be healed. Cellulite will form form the sheer inactivity of the glutes. Office butt impacts so much more than just your appearance. It can lead to a whole variety of pain and posture issues. When you sit for long periods, your hip flexors become tight which prevents those glutes from activating and prevents your pelvis from rotating forward, leading to compression (and pain) in your lower back. And of course, these issues don't just impact your back and your glutes but your entire core! If there is one thing you want, it's a strong core. Fortunately, all is not lost. There are many things you can do to wake up your glutes, tighten that tummy and strengthen that back! Try this 4 move workout to perk up your posterior, and ease posture pain. 4 moves to lose the office gut and butt Looking for more workouts? Get over 1200 on-demand, real-time workouts with SweatFlix! From beginner to advanced, you'll always be able to find something to suit your needs. And with new content being added all the time, you'll never fall into a workout rut! SweatFlix will revolutionize the way you workout! Start your free trial today!  

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