4 Moves to Whittle Your Waistline ( + WORKOUT)

Flat stomachs and six packs are all the rage, but the guest stars, the obliques, are equally important to giving  you a cinched waist and feminine shape. We have two sets of obliques that work together to support our spine, rotate our trunk, and allow us to bend from side to side.  As a bonus, well-trained, well-developed obliques can pull our waistline in nice and tight, like a corset. Below are four moves designed to target the obliques and a workout to help you shape the waistline you desire!!

weighted twistWeighted Twists

How To: Hold the weight and keep your arms straight, draw your arms around in a large arc in front of your body, pulling them all the way to the opposite side while keeping your hips square. Pause on the contraction, then slowly return to the start, resisting the pull of the weights on the return. Do all reps on one side before switching. Tip: Use your obliques to pull you around to the side, while keeping your arms locked straight in front of you.  

bicycle crunchBicycle Crunches

How To: Lie on the floor with your hands placed lightly behind your head, elbows out, and lift your legs over your hips with your knees bent.  Extend left leg away from you as you exhale and lift your left shoulder toward your right knee, twisting and pausing at peak contraction. Return to the start and repeat on the opposite side. Tip: Keeping your core tight, think about wringing out your waist with each rep.  

Side plank raiseSide Plank Raises

How To: Lie on the floor with your hips and legs stacked and place your bottom hand directly beneath your shoulder. Straighten your arm & lifting your hips so your body makes a straight line. Beginners place your opposite hand on your hip, or advanced, reach it into the air.  Lift your hips up 4 or 5 inches and hold, then lower to the start and hold on the contraction, to complete one rep. Tip: Keep hips in line with your head and heels as you begin each rep.  

Windmill-kettlebell Weighted Windmill

How To: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, right toes forward, left toes pointed out slightly. Hold a kettlebell/weight in your right hand straight up over your shoulder, arm perpendicular to the floor. Look up toward the weight and place your opposite hand on the outside of your hip, arm straight.  Kick your right hip to the side, then drop left fingertips slowly down, towards your left ankle, or as low as you can reach. Then reverse the move and pull your body back up to the standing position. Complete all reps on one side before switching. Tip: Keep your gaze on the kettlebell or weight throughout the move to make sure it is stacked to prevent injury.

 Whittle Your Waistline Workout (Repeat 4x)

Weighted Twists - 10 Reps (L) Weighted Twists - 10 Reps (R) Bicycle Crunch - 30 Reps (15 each side) Side Plank Raises - 10 Reps (L) Side Plank Raises - 10 Reps (R) Weighted Windmill - 10 Reps (L) Weighted Windmill - 10 Reps (R)

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