These 4 Moves Will Give You the Butt and Thighs You Want

Whether booty shorts and bikinis are your thing, or a pair of curve-hugging jeans, or even some funky yet comfy yoga pants, it's always nice to feel sexy and confident in your skin. So if you're looking to find a surefire way to make those legs and butt your best assets yet, then you'll need to know the top exercises for getting there. butt thigh workout 1. Squats Everyone knows squats are the go-to leg and butt move, but they're on this list for a reason: they work! Add some weight to your typical squat routine by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and placing a barbell on the back of your shoulders. Make sure to flex at the hip, bend your knees and squat down like you're sitting on a chair. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor. 2. Leg Press Head to the leg press machine and lie down on your back. Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the plate. Next, push the load with both of your feet equally, unlocking the safety pads. In a controlled manner, you can now lower the load to reach a 90-degree angle. When pushing back to your starting position, be careful not to lock your knees.   3. Lying leg curls On the leg curl machine, lie face down and place your knees just in front of the bench's edge. Then, place your Achilles tendon, which is located just below the calves, under the pads. While tightening your glutes, flex your knees and lift the weight.   4. Stiff-leg dead lift Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, lower your arms and hold the barbell in front of you. Flexing at the hip, bend forward at the waist, making sure to keep your back flat and your head up. While bending forward, tighten your butt and lock your knees. Once you feel like your hamstrings are fully stretched, stop and go back to the starting position. Do you incorporate any of these moves regularly? Get all your favorite BodyRock workouts on demand with Sweatflix℠! That's over 66 hours of workouts, with new and exclusive content added all the time! You'll never be in a workout rut again! Source:  

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