4 Nutrition Tips to Help You Stay Fit While On Vacation

Going on vacation leads to a majority of things: adventure, exploration, relaxation, a laid-back attitude ... and often times, an erratic and indulgent eating schedule. And while it's completely healthy to indulge and get off schedule a little bit, when you overdo it, you end up coming back with a less than fit physique for your standards, and feeling a little more down than up post travel. So what can you do to ensure you keep that healthy balance between letting go and staying in control? Here are 4 nutritional tips to keep you on track. 1. Make sure to prepare prior to departure.   If at all possible, try to stay ahead of the game and pack healthy snacks for your travel, especially if it's by car and you can bring a cooler along. Things to consider: fresh fruit, raw vegetables, yogurt, sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs and ready-to-drink protein shakes. Cool Tip: Remember to bring plenty of water! And if you don't have a cooler? Freeze your water ahead of time. 2. Head to the grocery store.   This is a great way to both save money as well as fill up on the healthy stuff. Once you arrive at your travel destination, hit up the nearest grocery store and stock up on fruits, veggies and any snacks you can store in your hotel's mini fridge, or if you're renting a home, go all out! 3. Don't skip a meal. You may get caught up in that museum, that private beach, or mindlessly walking along the streets of a foreign country, but don't skip meals! This only leads to consuming way too much food once your next meal comes, which can put you in a food comma and have you calling it a night much sooner than you'd have hoped for. 4. Stay hydrated.   When you're too busy taking it all in, you can forget to take care of yourself. Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, and if you don't properly drink up, you'll find yourself consuming too many unneeded calories. Stick with water. Have these tips worked for you while on vacation? What other tips can you add to this list? Source: bodybuilding.com  

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