4 Reasons Why Your Bestie Deserves Appreciation 365 Days a Year!

In the wake of National Best Friend Day, we thought it was only fair to point out the reasons why your bff should get some love and gratitude all year long! Tag your bestie if you agree! #1 You always bestow upon them your ugliest Snapchats kylie jenner makeup You're a double-chinning, face masking, crazy haired weirdo and she knows it! She's the only one you trust with you freakiest faces, while you reserve your sexy pout selfies for the guys. #2 Nothing's considered TMI best friends Your relationship is so close, you can tell her all about your period probs, or your suspicious moles. She's always there to give you her advice, and doesn't mind hearing all the dirty details. #3 She makes anything fun  girls Stuck in traffic? That won't stop her from turning on the tunes and belting out some Lady Gaga with you! The best times are when something unexpected happens and you have to make the most out of your current surroundings! #4 She's got your back  She will rally for you when you need her! And she will always pick up the phone when you're having a post breakup meltdown at 3 am. She'll get you home safe after a night out of drinking, and she'll even buy you pizza and eat it hungover in your bed the next day as you binge watch Netflix. Now that's love! What are 4 reasons why you love your best friend? Tag her and tell us what makes her deserving of some serious appreciation!

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