4 Reasons to Embrace The Terrible Twos and Threatening Threes

It's the infamous age - when your sweet little cutie has mastered walking and the basics to talking. Now she turns from an angel to a little terror, just at the worst of moments. Her face gets red, she screams and cries and fights and pees herself sometimes. As much as you want to run away when she pulls out a tantrum in the Walmart checkout line, take a breath and remember the reasons you love your pint-sized monster.

1) She has boundless enthusiasm.

Everyday brings a new adventure for her. She is endlessly in love with bubbles, balloons and birds in the sky. Her world has so much to discover, and she can help you rediscover a lot of magic you've forgotten about.

2) She wants to help you.

Your little one wants to help you do everything from laundry and dishes to mopping and feeding the pets. She takes pride in her small "big helps" and beams at you when you tell her she's done a good job. One day you'll be begging her to clean her room, but right now it's a part of her play.

3) She is still so small.

As much as she wants to be a big kid, she's still stumbles and wears diapers. She is only a few feet tall and has little toes, little fingers and those chubby little cheeks. She won't be tiny for long, so pick her up and toss her around in your arms. Spin her around, have her dance on your toes and put her in the baby swing. Cuddle her and kiss her boo boos better. There will be a day she won't want you to.

4) She's hilarious.

Toddlers run around like mini drunk people sometimes. Listen to their little songs and observations about the world. Hear about their imaginary worlds and play along with their made up games. Time is precious.

What are some hysterical things your toddler has said or done? Share your mommy moments with us!


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