4 Reasons You Should Nibble on Chocolate for the Sake of Your Health

Like pizza makes you do the food dance, chocolate makes you feel warm, secure, loved ... complete. It's no wonder people gift each other chocolate! There's no part of chocolate that's unlikable. We'll gladly avoid a drop of water if only the aftertaste of this sweet stuff can linger in our mouths for just a bit longer. It both feels like home sweet home just as much as it does sensuality and romance. To say the least ... it packs some power! This is why chocolate is good for your health.And it just so happens to be really good for you as well. It can lower bad cholesterol, and even work as an antioxidant. It can also make you happy! So, next time you need to rationalize your desire to chomp down on a bite of the good stuff, remember these four things:

It can aid in de-stressing you.

This is how chocolate helps your health. Good chocolate comes complete with valeric acid, which is like a tranquilizer, and eaten in small doses, chocolate can make us feel calm. So, next time you're feeling swamped by work or overwhelmed by plans, take a nibble! [bctt tweet="4 Reasons You Should Nibble on Chocolate for the Sake of Your Health"]

It's a mood booster.

This is how chocolate helps your health.
That warm, fuzzy feeling you get from chocolate is the result of it releasing endorphins, providing you with feel good sensations.

Your levels of bad cholesterol can go down.

Studies have found that consuming dark chocolate can help to lower oxidized LDL, which is bad cholesterol. It can also increase HDL, which is your good cholesterol, so go ahead and break a piece off and enjoy!

You can feel more alert.

This is how chocolate helps your health.
Due to the increase of blood flow to the brain, chocolate can actually make you feel more alert, which can help in both your performance and functionality of the brain. So, if you have a big test coming up, you might want a bite! Remember, however, that chocolate is best served in moderation. Are you a chocolate fiend? Source: Bustle

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