4 Shocking Times When You Feel Most Beautiful

Sometimes people compliment our looks and we don't feel it. We could be dressed to the nines and feel repulsive. On the flip side, you could be lying on your sofa, in your sweats rocking a killer bed head look and you feel alive. You feel gorgeous. Looking beautiful and feeling beautiful don't always overlap. Here are 4 times when you may unexpectedly find yourself feeling absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

When not wearing any make up.

I'm not ugly but am not a natural stunner either. I'm not exactly causing traffic accidents when I walk down the street. And yet, I sometimes feel my best when I'm not trying at all. It doesn't matter to me what people think and there is something very empowering about stepping out into the world just as I am. Yes, it allows me more time in the morning. I have an extra coffee, watch an extra TED Talk on Netflix. Brush my teeth, splash some water on face, a little coconut oil and I'm on my way. Having the nerve to say to the world, "this is what I look like -- to hell with you if you don't like it" has made me see and feel my beauty. I am put together the way I am put together. I love my make up but I don't need it. Something feels authentic about going make up free and that authenticity screams beauty to my mind.

After a good cry

It is the release that does it. When I really cry, I'm a mess. My nose runs, my eyes are red and blotchy. My breathing trips up a little. It is ugly. But it is real. It is a catharsis. It is a letting go of pain and sadness. It makes me feel lighter, more like myself and in that, I feel beautiful. There is a profound beauty in the purity of extreme emotions. Crying is an emotional detox.

In a hoodie and sweatpants

Comfort can be key. I have a closet full of retro, pin up inspired dresses. I wear them like a suit of armor. I feel sexy and powerful and more often than not, beautiful. But sometimes, I just can't. They are figure hugging, or they involve layers of crinoline. There is lace, there is colour. There is cleavage. They are not always comfortable and now and then, they make me feel awkward. They make me feel like a child playing dress up. That is not an attractive feeling. But when I'm in my 'lounge wear,' as I call it, none of that matters. They might not be the most figure flattering looks but it is what it is. I can watch hockey or I can go for a walk. I can do anything. I feel like I am myself. I am not feeling pressured to look and behave certain way. I am not feeling pressure to perform femininity. I am me. And I'm all right!

When I can ask (and offer) forgiveness

When we rage, when we fight, when belittle other people, we are ugly. Most of us aren't like this all the time, but as humans, we do have these moments. They ain't cute. These behaviours are usually prompted by wound, a hurt. An insecurity. They come from a place of pain which makes it even more important for us to choose our words carefully and say only what we actually mean. When we use ugly language it is important to ask forgiveness. If someone hurts us, it is important to offer forgiveness (even if the person isn't seeking it, offer it in your heart). Doing so peels way all those ugly behaviours. It makes us vulnerable which is scary but so utterly beautiful. We cannot connect and we cannot truly be as humans if we don't open ourselves to vulnerability. I feel beautiful when I am open. I am me. Just as I am. Our world spends so much time focusing on the packaging or the image that we can forget the truth behind it all. No matter how you choose to go out into the world, do so in a way that makes YOU feel beautiful. If that flies in the face of societal norms, so be it. True beauty, the feeling of it -- not the look -- comes from authenticity. Be you. No one else can. Source: Elite Daily

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