4 Signs It's Time to Change Up Your Workout Plan

The novelty of a good workout plan can wear off after time. Maybe you're committed to cardio, strength training or kick boxing, but you're noticing a little lag in your performance lately. Here are 4 red flags that it's time to change things up: 1) Your workout is boring.  You used to power through your sessions on the treadmill, but now it lacks any appeal. It helps to add variety to every kind of workout, so do something different while maintaining the same training style. Skip the gym and go for a run, throw in some new, fresh tunes on your playlist, bring a friend along with you and teach her what you know about cardio. These changes will make your workout feel more interesting and inspiring. 2) You're not seeing the same results.  At first it was giving you the right results in all the right places, but now your routine has plateaued. You have two options 1) Change something in your routine for more variety. Like we talked about above, switching things up can give you that push you need to power through a plateau. 2) Change your workout activity all together. Try something drastically new and fun, or maybe 2 or 3 things. Do a different workout everyday for a week and see how energized your body feels. Then, settle on which new routine to stick with. 3) Your workout makes you tired and sore.  You should be bursting with energy, but instead you're aching and run down. Incorporate some recovery time into your routine. Without recovery, your body can become weaker instead of stronger. Once you're recovered, start at your regime slowly and build back up. Give yourself plenty of warm up and cool down time as well. 4) You no longer feel challenged.  You feel like you're going through the motions, but you could be doing so much more with your routine. Try wearing a heart monitor. It will let you monitor your heart rate and know when to get your blood pumping a little faster. Increasing your intensity is beneficial at improving your fitness level. What are your favourite ways to keep your workout fun and interesting?

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