4 Simple Secrets for Bigger Arms

4 Simple Secrets for Bigger Arms Want to grow your biceps and triceps? Here are a few simple tips to follow: lifting
  • Lift more -- Not more reps, but more weight. The heavier you lift, the more you damage the fibers in your muscle, meaning the more new muscle tissue your body has to create to replace it. Heavier lifting will give you the best gains in your arms (which are both fairly small muscles), so do high weight, low rep sets.
  • Rest more -- Longer periods of rest between sets will help to re-fuel your muscles, helping you push harder on your next set. Instead of waiting just 30 seconds between each set, increase the rest time to 60 to 90 seconds. Note: That doesn't mean you should be inactive during the rest. For example, do a triceps exercise in the 90 seconds of rest between biceps exercises, and vice versa. This will keep your heart rate up while still giving your muscles time to rest and recover.
  • Do total-body routines -- Contrary to popular opinion, you DON'T need to spend a day each week focusing on your arms. Total-body movements (like push-ups, pull-ups, and burpees) will hit your arms along with the other muscles (push-ups for triceps and pull-ups for biceps). Training your arms more than the other muscles won't yield better results, so expend your energy training your entire body at once. You'll get much more fit overall in the long run!
  • Switch it up -- Don't let your workouts fall into a "groove" or settle into a routine. Keep switching things up on a regular basis: no less than every 4 to 6 weeks. The more exercises you do, the more your muscles have to adapt.

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