4 Steps To Get The Perfect Wedding Body

Some may say your wedding is the most important day of your life…until you give birth that is. Your wedding day is the day you want to look your best, you want to look like Beyonce at the Grammy’s or Grace Kelly at the Oscars. Your wedding is your award show and you are willing to do anything to look like the golden goddess you know you are on that day. I am currently engaged and we just set the date of our wedding for September of this year, so I am ready to turn up my fitness regime so that on my wedding day I look like the best version of myself or at least the fittest version. How to get the perfect wedding body: 1. Make a fitness Plan If you make a specific fitness plan you will be more likely to stick with it. Instead of saying I am going to work out tomorrow, say I am going to workout tomorrow at 8am and will be working arms, shoulders and abs and doing an hour of Zumba after lifting. If you are extremely specific about your workout you will be less likely to skip it. 2. Get Support ​Surround yourself with people who encourage you to go after your goals. Hopefully your fiancé is your #1 supporter. When you are working hard to eat healthy you want to be surrounded by other people who support that and don’t offer you donuts or high-calorie cocktails. Try to find a gym/workout partner too, have a friend who wants to get in amazing shape? See if your friend would like to start working out with you. When you have a person holding you accountable you are more likely to follow-through. 3. Baby Steps (Don’t overdo it in the beginning) ​I’m not saying don’t push yourself because I am a firm believer is pushing yourself to your limits. What I am saying is work your way up, don’t go from not lifting any weight to lifting 100 lbs. You will just injure yourself if you over do it and then you won’t be able to workout at all. Start off at the level you are at and then continue to progress as time goes by. 4. Shake it up ​Change your fitness plan when you start to get bored and plateau. If you get bored with what you are doing you might not push it as hard as you should. If you change up your workout routines you will continually be engaged with your fitness program. If you follow these steps you will have the body you always imagined for that special day. If you stick to your workout plan and eat healthy foods you will be the most beautiful bride ever.

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