4 Steps to reaching our fitness goals


I promised I would be back with something that was going to change your life forever. Its nothing new or revolutionary its actually so simple that you'll be wondering why you haven't done it already. Heck you may have already done it but never actually stuck through with it.
1. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT! If you haven't decided what you want then how can you make a plan of action for it? Let's think about it like this: you plan for a vacation but you never decided on a location. So how are you going to get there;plane,drive,train? What should you pack; summer clothes, jackets, snow gear, swimsuits? How much money should you plan to take, do you need a passport, is it safe for children, are you going to have somewhere to stay? Do you see how not planning a destination can really mess things up. The same goes for your goals. If I decided I wanted to run a full marathon, which is 26.2 miles, trained long and hard in the weight room but never did any cardio how successful would I be? You have to decide what you want so you can commit to a plan. I think you get the point, DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT. 2. Have a CLEAR WHY. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to train? Why do you want to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle? Is it just because you want to look better or does it go deeper than that? Some of us have experienced a lot of pain and self conflict, don't allow it to bring you down use it to fuel your journey. Define your WHY and write it down. You may have a lot of them, be clear, be specific and be honest with yourself. Once you decide what you want we need to set some goals to reach. Some people like to set little goals along the way, this works fine but were going to do better. 3. DECLARE YOUR GOALS We are going to set large goals first. Once we have those we can set our little goals that will keep us on track. Our milestone goals will have attainable deadlines so that we stay on track. Let's go back to our marathon example. Say we plan to do our first full marathon July 29th, 2014,next year. You should start by having a consistent training schedule. During each session you should feel yourself getting faster and being able to run longer. You should also set up 3-4 running events leading up to your Full Marathon,these will not only give you something closer to train for but will also serve as a progress tracker. 4. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS Don't sabotage a well thought out plan by not having the tools to follow through. We want to be successful right? Are you ready?
  1. First step is changing our diet, if you are unsure of what to shop for I put together a shopping list here http://www.dailyhiit.com/hiit-blog/hiit-diet/diet-tips/who-is-ready-to-cook-fit-lets-go-grocery-shopping/
  2. Second Let's start by committing to thedailyhiit.com everyday this week or getting some sort of physical activity included in our daily lives.
  3. Tell yourself you are going to succeed, believe it with your whole heart
  4. Drink up to a gallon of water daily
  5. Find something that inspires you
  I told you I will be on this journey with you so I will be back with my own goals and ambitions. We are going ALL in! I can not wait to help you reach your goals. GAME TIME WOOO xooxox Britney Green  

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