4 Storage Hacks for Your Leftovers That You Have to Try

One of the biggest reasons people tend to skip cooking and opt for eating out is because it takes too much time and effort to whip up a meal. But how good and how efficient are leftovers? If you get inspired, are seeking to save money, keep your waistline in check or just reap the benefits of a home-cooked meal, then making a large portion of something and savouring it throughout the week is the way to go. leftovers Check out these amazing leftover storage hacks to make the most out of the space in your refrigerator while keeping your food fresh.
  1. Save takeout containersleftovers
Wash out the container your food was given to you at the restaurant and use it a few more times to avoid bulking up your fridge with Tupperware. 2. Use ramekins to store smaller leftovers leftovers Stick your smaller leftovers in ramekins and cover tightly with plastic wrap. 3. Divide leftovers into smaller containers so they cool faster leftovers Bacteria can form on leftovers that have been stored at room temperature or warmer for an excess amount of time. The best way to keep them cool and void of bacteria is to divide them into smaller containers. 4. Don’t use that pizza box leftovers Though it seems way easier to just stick the entire pizza box into the fridge, you'll find that you spend more time constantly maneuvering it to get to other things as the days go by. The pizza won't even stay fresh in the box for long, so stack and store the slices in re-sealable bags instead. What do you think of these leftover storage hacks? Source: Bustle

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