4 Sugar Heavy Foods That Are Making You Fat

The unsavoury truth about sugar is that it can be found anywhere. It is lurking in your favourite meals to order on restaurant menus and you might not know it. Well here are 4 sugar-heavy foods and 4 solutions that are equally as delicious. #1 Ribs   Those classic, fall-off-the-bone ribs pack 92g of sugar into their sauce. That's as much as 1 pint of ice cream! Swap Them For...Steak   Grilled or seared steak is succulent and meaty, but with only 1 to 2g of sugar per serving. #2 Tomato Soup   16g of sugar is lurking in just 1 single bowl. Swap It For...Broth-Based Soup   Warm and wholesome, and perfect when you're sick. Broth based soups have a quarter of the sugar that tomato soup contains. #3 Coleslaw    There is 16g of sugar is half a cup. That's as much sugar as a Pop-Tart. Swap It For...Sauerkraut   Fully fuelled with healthy probiotics, sauerkraut has only 1g of the sweet stuff. #4 Sweet and Sour Chicken    40g of sugar leaves a bitter taste on our mouths when it comes to nutrition! Swap It For...Steamed Wontons   Stick with soy sauce and you'll be low on the sugar scale with this yummy dish. What tricks have you used to cut back on sugar in your diet? Let us know!

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