4 Supplements You Had No Idea Could Burn Fat

When someone mentions a fat-burning supplement you ought to try, you don't typically think of finding it readily available in your kitchen. But chances are, you have one if not some of these already.
  1. Caffeine
  Caffeine not only torches calories but also binds to the receptors on your fat cells. To get the best effect, take 200–400 milligrams of caffeine between meals two to three times per day. Take one dosage 30–60 minutes before exercising. 2. Yohimbine   This one may not be as common knowledge to you, but it ought to be now. Yohimbine is extracted from the bark of the yohimbe tree in Central and West Africa and is known for boosting libido. And similar to caffeine, it aids in fat-loss by increasing the amount of fat that gets released from your fat cells. Just a dose has 5-20 milligrams. Take this supplement two to three times a day, consuming one dosage 30-60 minutes prior to exercising. 3. Synephrine   This comes from the bitter orange plant Citrus aurantium. It works by boosting the metabolic rate. It's suggested to take about 5–20 milligrams of synephrine two to three times a day. Have one of those doses 30–60 minutes prior to exercising. 4. Capsaicin   This supplement is commonly found in chili peppers, and increases the amount of calories your body burns due to its ability to raise epinephrine levels. Make sure to buy capsaicin or cayenne pepper supplements that list Scoville Heat Units (SHU), and take about 40,000–80,000 units. The supplement should be taken 30 minutes before meals two to three times per day with one of those doses taken 30–60 minutes prior to workouts. Do you take any of these supplements regularly? Source: Men's Fitness  

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