4 Things Your Man Can Do to Keep His Junk Working Right

If your man is lacking the sex drive he used to have or he's so eager to win the race he finishes before you even start running - all is not lost! Sex should be enjoyable for both parties and although, some things are out of both of your hands, there is stuff your man can be doing to make sure his performance and endurance gives both of you bragging rights at the end of the day.

Goodbye Cigarettes

Does your man smoke? We already know that cigarettes are all kinds of awful for you anyway - but did you know that the have a direct affect on erections? It's true! Research has shown that even men that light up only on occasion has reduced penis function. S0 if your guy lights up on the regular, encourage him to kick the habit. If a healthier lifestyle isn't reason enough, reports on a longer-lasting and firmer erection every time should do the trick.

Kegels Aren't Just For Lady Bits

Yup! The boys have got'em too! Studies have shown that men who have previously suffered from premature ejaculation improved their stamina in just a few short months with these pelvic floor exercises. No sure what he's squeezing? - the male version involves squeezing the perineal muscles. In short, between his genitals and anus.

Vitamin D

Just think of it as a bad acronym: vitamin D will help his D. Research has shown that if your guy is lacking in the sunny vitamin, he may have a harder time getting, well, hard. If erectile disfunction is something he suffers from on the regular, have him try popping some vitamin D supplements to get him up to the optimal levels before reaching for the Viagara.


You knew that one was coming. A new study from the Journal Of Sexual Medicine found that a mans ability to have an erection, plus the quality and frequency of them, was directly linked to his physical activity. More specifically, the men who took part in the equivalent of two hours of strenuous exercise, three and a half hours of moderate exercise, or six hours of light exercise weekly, had much better sex and sex drives. So: tell your man to go get sweaty outside of the bedroom so you can get all kinds of sweaty in it together. Why not even workout together?

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