4 Things That Only People Trying to Lose Weight Will Understand

I think we can all agree that weight loss is not easy. It's not like those cheesy informercials where people miraculously drop 40 pounds in 40 days without struggle or stress. Here are 5 realities of weight loss that aren't seen on TV. 1. Hunger becomes a nagging sensation that's hard to deal with.   Switching up your diet and cutting out sugars and processed foods can leave you feeling starved sometimes. As your body adjusts to healthier foods and better portion sizes, the hunger pains can be difficult and distracting. Try filling up on healthy carbs like veggies or healthy fats like avocados. These can leave you feeling more satiated throughout the day. 2. Not seeing instant results can be frustrating.   It can be hard when you've been busting your butt and only a few pounds are coming off. It can sometimes make you want to give up. But remember, there is no quick fix for weight loss and everyone's body reacts to changes differently! Eating right and exercising is improving your health, even if it's not showing immediately on the scales. 3. The gym can be an intimidating place.   Seeing fit people sweating it out and feeling like their judging you for not knowing how to use the elliptical? Yeah...pretty discouraging. The easiest way to combat this is to ignore what you think everyone is thinking. Chances are they're only focused on their goals, and if other people are judging them. 4. It's an emotional journey, not just physical.   It's a roller coaster at times when your body is experiencing these changes. The highs and lows can be dizzying at times, but it's worth all the blood, sweat and tears in the end! Share your inspiring stories of weight loss with us! We want to hear from you!  

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