4 Things Single Women In Their 30s Are Tired of Hearing

It is a myth that once women hit the big 3-0 that they become less desirable, lonely and cat-happy. Age has nothing to do with your readiness or neediness to be in a relationship. So here are 4 things every single 30-something lady is tired of hearing! 1. "You need to have a baby before you're 35." Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Laura Linney, J.Lo.: Older women who have given birth all over the "designated procreation" age. Also, they are many non-famous women who have had children well into their 30's and survived. 2. "You're too picky." Yeah, now that you've reached old maid age it's time to lower your standards. How about that guy talking to the pigeons in the park? He'll do. Pssh. Pickiness has nothing to do with finding a soulmate, someone you can truly connect with and want to spend your life with. 3. "There are no more fun birthdays." When you're in your 20's, birthdays are wild adventures that go from one bar to the next. You get to wear short skirts, line skip at the clubs, take a million sloppy selfies and have to pay for it the next morning with a killer hangover. But when you're in your 30's and single, you're supposed to have sad brunch birthdays where people dance around the age you're turning and it would be completing awkward if you got drunk... Newsflash: no one says this has to be your life. Do anything you want on your 30-whatever birthday! Go bungee-jumping! 4."You wouldn't understand. You're not a parent." Suddenly your fellow 30-something friends with children are part of an exclusive club. Obviously you wouldn't understand their diaper rash issues and sleep training stresses... No one says you become a useless friend because you don't have a tiny human to look after. You can still lend a listening ear and be a support. 30 is a great time in life. It is a time when you learn a lot about yourself and you let go of some social pressures you have been holding onto. Many women say it's the best decade of life, so embrace it! What is your favourite age? If you're in your 30s, what is something you're sick of hearing? Let us know!

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