4 Things We Thank Moms for Teaching Us

Just in time for Mother's Day, we're recognizing the confidence building messages our moms have taught us over the years. 1. "Dream big. You can achieve anything." o-MOM-AND-DAUGHTER-facebook Moms are often our biggest fans, look to us with gleaming pride and cheer us on when we're feeling down. They turn our negative thoughts into positive ones and truly, literally believe we can do anything in the world. 2. "You are enough." shutterstock_74768488 In a society that tell us to be cuter, smarter, hotter, thinner, curvier, richer, louder, tougher to be accepted, moms tell us we are enough the way we are. 3. "Respect yourself." womens-fitness-mother-daughter-relationship-womens-health-body-image-girls-self-image-resources-for-mom1 Moms want the best for us, and even though we scoffed at them when we were younger when they told us to take of ourselves, they were only looking out for our wellbeing. 4. "This to shall pass." mother Remember those struggles in high school we thought were the worst moments of our lives? Moms helped us through, teaching us that even when we think we're in the worst of it, the worst of it always blows over. Every day is new opportunity to start fresh.    

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