4 Times You Need To STFU About Your Weight and Love Yourself

We are our own worst enemies. Constantly body-shaming ourselves doesn't serve us, and it doesn't serve anyone else either. Here are 4 times we need to shut up, suck it up and learn to just love who we are: #1 When we're out with friends Don't feed into feeling "guilty" about indulging in a slice of cake or a glass of wine at dinner with friends. Guilt will only make you enjoy your food less, which makes even eating it kind of pointless. Your friends aren't expecting you to justify your choices, and you don't need to go on about how "bad" you're being for having fries as your side. #2 When you're around your man Men really love women's bodies. It's a fact. And honestly they don't know what you're talking about when you say "I look fat today" or "This dress makes me look massive!". What's on their mind is that they have a beautiful woman they love, and you know...sports highlights. #3 While buying clothes The whole "I'm going to buy this and not wear it until I'm 7 pounds lighter" isn't a fair, or honest way to shop. You can feel amazing in anything at any weight! Stop looking in that disgustingly inaccurate dressing room mirror and judging, it's exhausting and not worth it. #4 Before you work out  Feeling you have to push yourself 30x harder to burn off that one brownie you snuck in at lunch is torture. Get out of using punishment as your motivation and start exercising with purpose. Workout because you want to lower your risk of disease, keep your heart healthy and boost your circulation. Focus on health, not the scale. What are some bad body-shaming habits you've been able to fix? Share with us how you promote self love!  

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