4 Tips For Maintaining Muscle When You Don't Have Time To Exercise

There are few things in life that feel better than seeing that muscle definition you've worked so hard to achieve. And there are few things more disappointing than watching that definition begin to disappear when you've been forced, for whatever reason, to take a week or two off from your regular workout routine. The best way for you to maintain your muscles is to use them!   We know you've been good at keeping up your regular sweat sessions but sometimes life gets in the way. Perhaps you've gone on vacation, experienced an injury, or had something happen in your personal life that has disrupted your regular habits -- whatever it is, these tips can help! Here is how to keep your definition when you can't maintain your regular workout routine:  

1. Move when you can

If you have to miss your regular workout, try to fit in a 10-20 minute workout whenever you have spare time. You don't need equipment or a large amount of space to work your muscles and get your blood pumping. Want a quick workout that you can do anywhere? Check out the BodyRock Beginner and Intermediate Bootcamps.

2. Work around injuries

When you are injured, it is important that you take care of it and follow any medical advice you have been given, but that doesn't mean you need to give up on exercise entirely. Get creative! Work around the injury, focusing on areas that won't aggravate it. [bctt tweet="4 Tips For Maintaining Muscle When You Don't Have Time To Exercise"]  

3. Keep up your protein

If you aren't working out, you probably don't need as many calories to keep your body going BUT, that doesn't mean you should take a pass on the protein. Protein isn't just important for muscle development, it is important for muscle maintenance as well!

4. Earn your break

If you know you have a vacation coming up or a string of events that will disrupt your routine, work extra hard leading up to it. You will achieve greater gains in strength and definition, and this will hold you over during your "break."   Remember this one thing: it is easier to maintain your current level of muscle definition than it is to lose it and gain it back again. So, try to keep your muscles working as much as possible. Every little bit counts. Just move your body! What do you do to maintain your muscle when taking a break from the gym?

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