4 Tips To Start Running

So we have previously covered WHY you should run.  Not only does it benefit your heart it can also help with melt away the stress of the day.  Before you lace up your shoes and take off sprinting out the door only to find out you HATE running, lets cover some basic How To's so that you don't burn yourself out on your first running adventure. 1. Practice Visualization: Visualize yourself lacing up your shoes, running out the door, running down at the track, or along the waterside.  Imagine yourself running at the pace you want to get to. Do this daily. 2. Practice Good Form: Look ahead as you run and don't let your head hang down. Your arms should be bent at about a 90 degree angle and kept relaxed close to your body. Keep your hands un-clenched, palms facing your body and thumbs up. 3. Count your strides:  Most runners will average 180 steps a minute, however beginners will fall into a 150-160 step range.  This causes you to expend more energy and become fatigued easier.  When you are running count every foot strike (right, left, right, left, etc) and see where you fall in that range.  Try to quicken up your stride (pick your feet up quicker after it hits the ground) without running any faster to get into the recommended 180 step range. 4. Running Pace:  Most beginners will start out at too fast of a pace and will fatigue quickly.  A good rule of thumb is that if you can't carry on a conversation then you are running too fast. Slow down for the first few runs and your pace will increase quicker than you think. Next: Training for your first 5K iPhone 5 Pictures 862   Original Photo taken by me: Ringgold, GA 07/04/2014  

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